MSI PRO MP275 FullHD monitor review: a great choice for little money

100Hz refresh rate reduces eye strain during prolonged work

By: Anry Sergeev | 27.05.2024, 14:39

The range of inexpensive small diagonal monitors is huge, and among them there are models with interesting features, such as the MSI PRO MP275, which is reviewed today by gg. This is an affordable monitor that is suitable for both work and gaming. It is equipped with a high-quality 27-inch IPS matrix with FullHD resolution. It has maximum viewing angles and good colour reproduction. The refresh rate is 100 Hz, which is not common in this price category. There is also support for Adaptive Sync and panel overclocking, which will be useful for game lovers. And as a small bonus, MSI PRO MP275 has built-in stereo speakers. In affordable models, you always have to save on something. In this case, the monitor has only one HDMI and analogue D-Sub. There is no DisplayPort. The stand has a very simple design and allows you to adjust only the tilt angle.

The only competitor with similar characteristics is the Acer EK271EBI. It has a slightly lower price, but also lower brightness.

5 reasons to buy the MSI PRO MP275 monitor:

  • 27-inch IPS matrix with FullHD resolution and good colour reproduction;
  • 100Hz refresh rate and Adaptive Sync support;
  • blue filter, anti-flicker technology;
  • built-in stereo speakers;
  • practical appearance.

2 reasons not to buy MSI PRO MP275 monitor:

  • only one HDMI, no DisplayPort;
  • minimal functionality of the stand.

Contents of the MSI PRO MP275 review:

Package contents of the MSI PRO MP275 monitor

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

There is nothing unexpected in the package with MSI PRO MP275. It's quite a typical set for an affordable monitor. A disassembled leg with a stand, a power cable (power supply in the case), an HDMI cable, a removable plastic cable management bracket, and documentation.

Design of the MSI PRO MP275 monitor

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

MSI PRO MP275 has a completely neutral office look. It is made almost entirely of matte black plastic. It has a standard bezel-less design for modern models, that is, the screen is under the surface of the outer protective layer and in the switched-off state the bezels on the top and sides are invisible. In fact, the bezels are really quite thin. There is a full-width bar at the bottom with the MSI logo on it.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

The stand is also plastic, without a metal base, which is usually found in larger models for better stability. The stand is small, so the monitor can wobble a little, but it won't fall. We'll talk about the recesses in the stand a little later.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

The rear panel has a large MSI logo, and just below it is a thicker part that spans the entire width of the case, which houses all the necessary electronics, including the power supply and built-in speakers. It has VESA 100x100 mounting holes for mounting on a wall or other stand, or connecting a compact nettop to the monitor. There is a Kensington lock slot on the right side of the monitor, and a standard joystick on the left to control the monitor.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

Thanks to its relatively compact stand and small body thickness, the MSI PRO MP275 takes up little space. So it won't be a problem to find a place even in a small workplace.

Огляд MSI PRO MP251

A standard five-way controller is used to adjust the monitor.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

The area with the connectors is located slightly to the right of the stand and points downwards. Nearby, there are connector labels facing the user. This should make it easier to connect without having to turn the monitor over.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

MSI PRO MP275 is an affordable monitor, but it is neatly made, the plastic does not crack, and all the parts are perfectly fitted. It looks decent and versatile, and doesn't feel overtly cheap.

Ease of use and connection of the MSI PRO MP275 monitor

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

MSI PRO MP275 does not require any tools for assembly. Both the stand and the base are fixed with simple clips, so assembly takes just a few minutes. There is no cable management channel in the stand. Instead, there is a removable plastic shackle for tidy cable management.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

It is equipped with a very simple rack and stand. And the only thing that can be adjusted is the tilt angle, which ranges from +20° to -5°. And if tilt and swivel are not very important, then height adjustment would be very useful in some cases. MSI has a related model, the PRO MP275P, which has exactly the same screen specs and functionality, but with a different stand. Which allows you to adjust everything, including portrait mode. But, of course, it is a little more expensive.

Let's get back to the recess in the stand. It is designed for a smartphone. I'm not sure that this will be used very often, but in some cases it may be appropriate. For example, to turn on the messenger on your smartphone so you don't have to switch windows on the monitor.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

The set of video inputs is minimal. There are only: HDMI 1.4b and D-Sub (VGA). DVI options are gradually disappearing, and analogue D-Sub (VGA ) is sometimes still used in corporate tasks. But DisplayPort would have been nice. In addition to video inputs, the monitor has two standard 3.5mm audio jacks for headphones and a microphone.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

A five-way controller is responsible for all monitor settings. It is located quite well and it is easy to find with your hand. For some reason, they decided to make the joystick backlit, although it is usually not visible and this does not affect the usability in any way.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

We've seen the on-screen menu many times in previous MSI monitor reviews. It is logical, convenient and understandable. It is divided into several sections. The first section, Professional, is responsible for selecting video modes, setting up matrix overclocking, displaying the refresh rate, Eye-Q Check (checking eye fatigue and correct position relative to the screen), Screen Assastance (screen reticle, etc.), screen size and the Adaptive Sync switch. The second section is responsible for picture settings: brightness, contrast, colour temperature, blue filter, sharpness and Image Enhancement. In the third section, you can choose the desired input or automatic selection. NaviKey allows you to configure shortcuts to the joystick arrows. The last section contains speaker volume, interface language, menu transparency, and resetting.

In addition, there is the MSI Display Kit application. It has picture settings and several additional functions. These include multi-window mode settings, an on-screen keyboard, mouse cursor speed settings, connecting to wireless monitors (if applicable), and setting up multi-monitor configurations.

Image quality of the MSI PRO MP275 monitor

MSI PRO MP275 has a 27-inch IPS matrix with a resolution of 1920x1080 (FullHD), a pixel density of 82 PPI , and a pixel size of 0.311 mm. Nowadays, 2560x1440 is gradually becoming the standard, but FullHD looks decent on this diagonal. Yes, you can see individual pixels if you want to, but only if you do it on purpose. An 8-bit (6 + FRC) matrix with W-LED backlighting is used. It promises a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m², a static contrast ratio of 1000:1, and viewing angles of 178°. The screen is said to be capable of reproducing 16.7 million shades. The monitor supports Anti-Flicker ( TUV-certified) flicker prevention technology and has a Less Blue Light filtering function that should prevent eye fatigue during prolonged work. In general, MSI unites this whole set of features under the name EyesErgo. The anti-reflective matte finish is effective, with no reflections at any angle. The crystal effect is not very pronounced, it can be seen only at close range.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

What is very unusual for an affordable office model, the maximum refresh rate is 100 Hz. To this should be added support for Adaptive Sync, panel overclocking(Response Time), and MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time), which is actually a frame-by-frame panel disconnect for clearer dynamic scenes. So MSI PRO MP275 can be used not only for work but also for gaming.

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

The viewing angles are maximum. There is a glow effect, but this is quite typical for IPS, dark areas become slightly greyer at angles in low ambient light. The backlight has a slight glow on the sides, but it is noticeable only when viewing a dark image with the lights off. The picture is pleasant, the colours look natural. Measurements have shown that the maximum brightness of the monitor in User mode is even slightly higher than stated: 315.302 cd/m². The black field brightness is 0.331 cd/m², and the static contrast is 953:1, which is good. Colour gamut is almost the same as sRGB. The calibration from the factory is quite accurate. The colour temperature is about 7000K (with a reference of 6500K), and the colour error ΔE has an average value of about 4, which is a very good indicator, especially for an affordable model.

In Movie mode, the brightness level is locked, it is 225.312 cd/m², the black field brightness is 0.192 cd/m², and the static contrast is 1174:1. Colour gamut and colour reproduction are close to User mode. But the gamma values are slightly overestimated relative to the reference value, which results in a slightly more saturated picture.

In Office mode, the maximum brightness is 304.54 cd/m², the black field brightness is 0.315 cd/m², and the static contrast is 967:1. The indicators are close to the User mode.

How did MSI PRO MP275 perform in the field?

Огляд MSI PRO MP275

The MSI PRO MP275 is primarily a monitor for work tasks, and it copes with them perfectly. This applies not only to working with documents. A fairly high-quality IPS matrix with sRGB colour gamut and fairly accurate factory calibration is quite suitable for working with visual content for the web. In terms of multimedia capabilities, the built-in 2W stereo speakers are quite suitable for watching movies and videos. Games are also very good thanks to the 100Hz refresh rate and Adaptive Sync support. But this is not enough for a clear dynamic picture, the pixel response time is also important. In standard mode, there may be some noticeable blurring in dynamic scenes. Activating the matrix overclocking (Response Time) improves the situation and the game is really quite comfortable.

Four things you need to know about the MSI PRO MP275 monitor:

  • The MSI PRO MP275 is an affordable monitor with a 27-inch FullHD IPS matrix.
  • Its main competitive advantage is the 100Hz refresh rate.
  • It has sRGB colour gamut and fairly accurate factory calibration.
  • Equipped with built-in stereo speakers.
Specifications of MSI PRO MP275
Diagonal 27"
Matrix type IPS
Aspect ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920x1080 (FullHD)
Contrast ratio 1000:1 (max)
Viewing angles 178 / 178
Displayed colours 8 bits (6 + FRC)
Pixel pitch 0.311x0.311 mm
Pixel response time 1 ms (MPRT) and 4 ms (GTG)
Brightness 300 cd/m2 (max)
Maximum refresh rate 100 Hz
Coating anti-reflective
Connectors and ports HDMI 1.4b, D-Sub (VGA), 3.5 mm audio, line-in audio
Wall mount VESA 100x100
Built-in speakers 2x2 W
Dimensions (with stand) 612.1x456.8x207.2 mm
Weight (with stand) 3.84 kg

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