Ecosystem Xiaomi: the top 12 gadgets for home lighting Yeelight

By: aquaminer | 25.02.2020, 11:40
Ecosystem Xiaomi: the top 12 gadgets for home lighting Yeelight

Xiaomi conducts its ecosystems, which have already signed up more than 200 start-up companies. Yeelink one of them specialized in home lighting. The history of the brand started in December 2012 with a start-up incubator HAX, it was then the newly created start-up team established itself as Yeelight. Company Qingdao Yeelink Information Technology Co., Ltd ( website ) was recorded in the autumn of 2013, the founders began Jiang Zhaoning and Liu Daping, previously worked at Lucent Technologies, in Boston. In April 2014 the company joins the ecosystem Xiaomi and a year is its first product - RGB nightlight Yeelight Bedside Lamp. Often sold as a bulb under the brand Xiaomi MiJia brand.

Multifunctional nightlight distinguished touch panel is allowed to configure a special emission gradient, thereby visualizing a wide range of colors. Currently available second version - Xiaomi MiJia Bedside Lamp 2 (MJCTD02YL) for $ 34.58. The company is now focused on the international market, is the official forum and the site, pages on Facebook, Twitter. Yeelight specializes in 4 directions: ceiling lamps, table lamps, light bulbs and lamp. The company's products have received international recognition, winning awards such as the: iF design award, reddot award, iF gold design award, Good Design award and IDEA design award, is also the first in the world has received certificates of comfort for eyes and a low content of the blue by TÜV Rheinland. Many clever devices integrate with voice assistant Yandeks.Alisa, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings. Shipped more than 11 million units in 100 countries, the application installed more than 3 million times ( the Google the Play, the App Store ). 12 Consider the interesting products that are available for purchase on AliExpress.

1. Mini 5W lamp with a clip for a table

Portable mini lamp is equipped with a flexible and sterezhem clip with silicone grip, thanks to this it can be placed in a convenient place for you. The power lamp light flux is 100 lumens at a color temperature of 3900K. The device has a battery capacity of 1500mAh, it will last about 14 hours of intense light, is charged via micro-USB port, the corresponding cable included. The lamp has three glow modes: night, everyday, read, switched on by pressing a single button on the clip.

Cost: $ 17. Want to buy!

2. Smart LED ribbon Yeelight Colorful Strip

Very practical LED tape, adhesive surface and good flexibility allow it to find its place. In its disposal 16 million colors. Friends with IFTTT, Google and Alexa Assistant works with a proprietary application Yeelight APP. The application has a lot of animation modes transfusion of colors, including the flicker to the music.

Tape length of two meters, it is located at 200 LEDs at the end of the segment has a connector for the tape of the same type. The package includes a ribbon with a remote control and power supply unit with European plug, the output voltage is 12V 1A. The keypad is only one button on its retention of changing color, and single press turn on / off the tape itself.

Cost: $ 38. Want to buy!

3. Suspended ceiling light

Smart pendant lamp with ambient light. The luminous flux (brightness) can be adjusted from 450 to 1800 lumens, consumes up to 33 watts. There is a possibility of adjusting the color temperature from 2700 to 6500K, supports a smooth transition. The lamp consists of two parts, the base and the lamp itself. Height can be adjusted from 0.5 to 1.5 meters, the lamp is protected by IP50 standard, is used mosquito design. Connected via Wi-Fi to control your smart home system or Bluetooth 4.2 to your phone and other peripherals. Apple HomeKit not support.

Cost: $ 100. Want to buy!

4. Night light

Excellent guide, do not wake, but will help to orient in a dark room. Compact and energy-saving night light, consuming only 0.4Vt, adapted to the lighting in the room. When you have a choice of buying a lens (round, square) and the type of plug (AU, EU, UK, US).

Cost: $ 6. Want to buy!

5. "Smart" colored lamps 10W c WI-FI Yeelight YLDP06YL

By the application of Yeelight APP offers a sea of opportunities, for example: brightness control (up to 800 lm), color, scene selection, synchronization with the music colors. The color temperature ranges from 1700 to 6500K. Cap type E27, 10 W, there is a similar version ( YLDP13YL ), but at 8.5 watts. Calculated for 25,000 hours of continuous luminescence.

Cost: $ 20. Want to buy!

6. Color bedside lamp

Stunning, smart, minimalist bedside lamp. On-board Wi-Fi c Bluetooth 4.2, supports a variety of functions, as well as brand light bulbs, a simple touch of the hand can change the brightness, temperature, color. Bottom of the case there are two sliders to adjust the color / temperature and brightness, switch modes by holding down the long, single - on / off. Color rendering index Ra80, 5W power, supplied via the Type-C cable, power supply included. Supports Apple HomeKit.

Price: $ 43.36. Want to buy!

7. Thin LED ceiling panel

Panel thickness - only 1.3 cm, two-color lighting available: warmish white (4000K) and white (5700K). According to the manufacturer, the panel is made of high quality material which is resistant to corrosion and yellowing. The lamp is protected by IP50 standard, so that the invasion of mosquitoes and dust canceled. Available in two versions 30x30 cm (12W) and 30x60 cm (24W).

Cost 30x30 / 30x60: $ 32 / $ 46. Want to buy!

8.  "Smart" light mirror

7 inch, metallic mirror with illumination. Thanks to the infrared sensor light will automatically turn on, if you approach it, and turns off after 10 seconds after the departure of guests. Built-in battery at 1900 mAh, charging via micro-USB port. Wi-FI available. The inclination angle mirror is adjusted, the metal base. There are three illumination modes: Daily makeup, Surprise mode, Appointment preview mode, switch button on the rear side.

Cost: $ 55. Want to buy!

9. Ceiling lamp Yeelight YLXD42YL

Smart downlight. There are Wi-Fi interfaces, Bluetooth 4.2, supports Apple HomeKit. The firm Yeelight APP application provides the ability to vary the color temperature and brightness, adjust the alarm clock and other extras. Declared integration with the Mi Band mode "Moonlight", the bottom line is that the lamp will simulate the moon thereby helping to fall asleep, and as soon as the bracelet lock sleep, turn off the light.

Protected by IP50 standard, the casing consists of two parts, fastening to the ceiling and the lamp itself, the installation is simple - according to the manufacturer, enough 5 minutes. By buying two versions available, younger with 320 mm diameter, 73 mm thick, and older with 480 mm diameter, 80 mm thickness. Next consumes 32 W, the luminous flux 2200 lumens, younger at smaller dimensions consumes 28W, the luminous flux 1800 lumens. The surface gloss-white, but the elder is the variation from the "starry" coating. The package includes a lamp, Bluetooth remote control for remote control and instruction.

The cost of 320 mm / 480 mm: $ 80 / $ 94. Want to buy!

There is also a version more ( Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 $ 163) with more "atmospheric" lighting.

10. Multi-function Bluetooth-dimmer

Thanks to him, not necessarily to use the app on a smartphone in order to change the brightness, the color temperature or color of light itself. "Krutilki" button allows you to do this easily, the two fingers exactly enough. Dimer binds to the connected lamp over Bluetooth, available in two versions:

  1. Connected to a lamp rupture phase, that is, as an ordinary switch.
  2. Velcro is attached to the wall and uses a CR2024 type battery for power, with daily use it should be enough for two years, batteries included.

Cost: $ 14 / $ 16. Want to buy!

11. The lamp bulbs with WI-FI Yeelight YLDP12YL

Smart light bulb with Wi-Fi. Fixed color temperature 2700K, supports the ability to change the brightness of 5% to 100%, ranging up to 700 lumens, power 6 watts. The lamp is made in retro design, socket type E27. Supports Apple HomeKit.

Cost: $ 24. Want to buy!

12. Unusual portable lamp Yeelight Candela

"Smart" portable lamp with Bluetooth 4.2. 1800 K color temperature, the brightness is adjusted scrolling flasks varies up to 10 lumens. That is for room illumination lamp "weak" - power is only 6W, it should be considered as an alternative to the candle. It is powered by a built-in battery 2100 mAh, charging via micro-USB port, the cable comes in the kit. Charge should suffice for 6 hours of continuous luminescence. Appendix Yeelight App allows smartphone to change the brightness, switch between and combine in groups of up to 30,000 such as lamps.

Cost: $ 39. Want to buy!

The above mentioned smart bulb / svetilniki module Wi-Fi networks operate only c in the range of 2.4 GHz. C recently Yandex obzavolsya smart home, Yeelight products they also supported. Yeelight APP quite convenient and feature-rich application, in it there are many not mentioned in the text functions, for example, the possibility of execution of certain scripts on time, switching scenes, automatic shutdown. In it you can "make friends" with Google Now device, IFTTT and Tasker. In turn, Mi Home allows you to combine Xiaomi device ecosystem and create scripts. For example, the dim light in the room when triggered, a door sensor  can be simple and commonplace.

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