Another Poco X3 exploded

By: Elena Shcherban | 05.09.2021, 13:54
Another Poco X3 exploded

In April this year, one of users suddenly exploded and caught fire on his Poco X3 smartphone, which was charging at the time. Not four months later  - and a similar story happened.

What happened?

The affected user told Twitter that the incident happened with the same model - Poco X3, which was purchased just a couple of months ago. At the time of the explosion, the gadget was plugged into a charger and lying on a bed.

Fortunately, the user got away with a burnt plaid cloth, but the smartphone itself is completely out of order  - this is what's left of it:

The owner requires replacement for a new device, in otherwise he threatens to go to court. Poco representatives immediately responded to the message and promised to look into it. "We're sorry to hear that, and we hope you're safe At Poco all of our devices go through several quality checks, and we ensure the best possible user experience on all of your devices. To understand this issue, share the information below and we will get back to you ", - wrote the company's representatives on social media.

Source: Ammybhardwaj