The iPhone 13 Pro cost is up $21.50 over the iPhone 12 Pro

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 04.10.2021, 14:01
The iPhone 13 Pro cost is up $21.50 over the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple late last month began selling iPhone 13 Pro. There are already full reviews of the smartphone on the web, and experts from TechInsights got their hands on the 256GB version and studied the cost of the novelty.

What is known?

The recommended price of the 256GB internal memory variant is unchanged from the 2020 model. Both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro in this configuration cost $1,099 in the US. To be more precise, last year's smartphone cost $1,099, as it was taken off the market after the announcement of the new generation.

Even though the price has stayed the same, the cost of the iPhone 13 Pro has gone up by $21.50 compared to the iPhone 12 Pro - $570 versus $548.50. Is Apple making almost $530 on each smartphone? No. You have to understand that we're only talking about the total price of all the smartphone components here. At the same time, the final price tag also includes manufacturing and labor costs, software licensing costs, assembly, shipping, packaging, marketing and markup.

For clarity, TechInsights experts listed the cost of all components in the Samsung Galaxy S21+. It amounted to $508. At the same time, the recommended price of the smartphone in the U.S. is $1,049.