Intel fights labor shortage by hiring students

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 05.10.2021, 18:15
Intel fights labor shortage by hiring students

Intel has already announced plans to spend $20 billion to expand its production facilities in the United States, but the corporation's existing facilities are already experiencing labor shortages. This forces it to recruit students and try to attract new employees with the help of television commercials during sports broadcasts.

Intel's manufacturing facilities provide jobs even for those who have just graduated from high school. Only 10 percent of Intel's employees in Oregon have a degree, according to the source, and the company employs a total of 21,000 locals, making it the largest corporate employer in the region.

The growth of component manufacturing in a shortage environment has led Intel to begin to experience a shortage of employees and is now literally recruiting even first-year students. According to a local university, the corporation is willing to hire a hundred students every week. A similar situation can be observed at the facilities of Lam Research which manufactures process equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Unlike the service sector, the semiconductor industry has been little affected by the pandemic. It is now attracting workers from other industries, exacerbating labor shortages across the U.S. labor market. Drivers, waiters and delivery men are dropping out of their usual occupations in search of a better life, often creating infrastructure problems due to staff shortages.

Source: oregonlive

Illustration: Intel