Google added a guitar tuner to its search results

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 09.10.2021, 12:40
Google added a guitar tuner to its search results

Smartphones have long ago made tuning a guitar impossible. These days, all you have to do is find a decent tuning app or ask Google Assistant to tune your instrument. Now Google has made the process even easier by running a chromatic tuner right on Search.

Unlike the Assistant feature, which requires a device capable of accessing the voice assistant, this tuner can be invoked simply by making a search query on any mobile or desktop computer.

Just type in "google tuner" and you'll see it right at the top of the results page. Of course, the device you're using must have a functional microphone to hear your instrument, and you'll need to give that feature permission to access it.

Of course, the effectiveness of the tuner depends on the quality of the microphone in the device. On the other hand, the same applies to specialized applications, and this tuner is always at your fingertips if you have access to the internet.

Source: androidpolice