Miami's new mayor wants to be paid in Bitcoin

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 03.11.2021, 18:32
Miami's new mayor wants to be paid in Bitcoin

Francis Suarez, the newly elected mayor of Miami, has announced plans to be paid in Bitcoin instead of U.S. dollars.

What's known

Suarez will become the first politician in history to be paid in digital currency. He announced his intention on his personal Twitter account.

Due to the fact that the idea cannot be directly implemented in the United States, the new mayor wants to use the Strike service. Suarez's annual salary is about $187,500, which is about 3 BTC or about a quarter of a BTC a month.

Note that Miami's new old mayor is a supporter of digital currency. He advocates its integration in different areas and wants to turn Miami into a real cryptohub. Suarez has expressed his desire to create all conditions for all city residents to get paid for their labor in digital coins, too.

Source: Cointelegraph