Telegram will introduce a paid subscription to disable ads

By: Elena Shcherban | 07.11.2021, 15:15
Telegram will introduce a paid subscription to disable ads

The messenger Telegram has recently seen ads - official ads in large channels. And now founder Pavel Durov has announced a paid subscription that allows you to get rid of ads.

What does this mean?

The subscription, which will allow you to turn off ads, is promised to be introduced by the end of this month. How much it will cost and whether will offer  any additional features - is not yet known.

"We have already started working on this new feature and expect it to launch this month. It could take the form of a low-cost subscription that would allow any user to directly financially support the development of Telegram and never see official advertisements in channels", - explained Durov.

In addition, the authors of some channels will have the ability to disable advertisements.

" Currently, we are calculating the economic conditions of this option. Soon advertisers will be able to place "invisible" ads in any channel, which - subject to sufficient cost of display - will lead to no ads in this channel", - noted the founder of the messenger.

Recall, ads in Telegram, unlike  competitors, are as unobtrusive as possible. Ads are not shown in chat lists, private conversations or groups - only in large channels with an audience of at least 1000 subscribers. Posts are small (no more than characters) and contain only text without external links or photos.

Source: Pavel Durov