Tesla left without USB ports due to lack of chips

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 15.11.2021, 17:56
Tesla left without USB ports due to lack of chips

A global chip shortage has even affected Tesla. Many Model 3 and Model Y customers received their new electric cars from the big brand without USB-C ports on the center console or rear seats.

The source's report cites customers who claim Tesla warned them in advance about the lack of USB in their new cars. Others, on the other hand, claim they only found out about the inconvenience when they took their electric cars home.

Experts attribute the problem with the lack of USB ports to a lack of chips. Some customers have been promised that Tesla will retrofit the missing connectors in December. However, it is unknown at this time whether this applies to all affected owners. Tesla has remained proudly silent.

It's not the first time major car brands, including Tesla, have put cars on the market without certain parts. BMW recently removed touchscreen features from some of its models, and others are missing lumbar support options for passengers.

Source: electrek

Illustration: Tesla