FIFA 23 developers told about two game modes

By: Anton Kratiuk | 08.08.2022, 21:12
FIFA 23 developers told about two game modes

Nextgen-grass and female referees: a new trailer of the soccer simulator FIFA 23 trailer dedicated to some innovations, and now on official YouTube channel the public got another video, detailing the two game modes: Pro Clubs and Volta.

Both modes were significantly changed in the new part of the sports simulator. The main thing that Pro Clubs and Volta will now have a common progress: earning experience in one of them, gamers will receive bonuses in the second mode.

The players will be able to spend experience points on cosmetic items for players, including clothing, shoes and accessories.
Basic customization will also be common, but Volta mode provides unique awards, and Pro Clubs players can decorate the tattoos.

In FIFA 23 players' progression is significantly accelerated, the abilities of the players are improving faster, and the game introduced four new elements: two affect the defense in the game and two more aimed at the attack.

In order not to make gamers bored while searching for the opponent, the game designers added several mini-games. FIFA 23 game is going to be released on the 30th of September on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.