Postal 3 was first withdrawn from sale after 11 years

By: Dmitro Koval | 21.11.2022, 15:36
Postal 3 was first withdrawn from sale after 11 years

The shooter Postal III was suddenly withdrawn from sale 11 years after its release. The developer of all the games in the series, except for the third part, Running With Scissors, in its tweet explained it by "DRM issues and the overall poor quality of the game itself".

Running With Scissors doesn't say what exactly the DRM issues were, but recent feedback on Steam suggests that the servers the game was connecting to simply crashed, and it looks like they won't be back up anytime soon.

In fact, the loss is not so great: the game turned out, to put it mildly, bad. The development was handled by a third-party studio Akella and it clearly failed to do the job. The game was criticized for the fact that it "replaced the open world of its predecessor with a confusing bunch of short corridors" filled with unnecessary enemies with terrible artificial intelligence. On the positive side, players said the game had the decency to crash frequently, giving you plenty of opportunities not to start it again.

Source: PC Gamer