SmartGym for iOS, watchOS, Mac gets major update with muscle targeting and recovery, personal records, much more

By: Anry Sergeev | 05.05.2022, 19:35
SmartGym for iOS, watchOS, Mac gets major update with muscle targeting and recovery, personal records, much more

Available across almost all Apple devices, the popular exercise app SmartGym is out today with a big update. There are many improvements and changes, including tracking muscle fatigue and recovery and tags for routines. Family Sharing and personal records can also be used.

SmartGym 6 is arriving today and it comes with an impressive list of new features for an even more comprehensive experience for tracking your workouts.

We never settle at SmartGym, as we say every day. We are constantly making it better. This is an important update. It brings amazing new features, carefully created to help everyone become more active, but always maintaining SmartGym’s famous ease of use and simplicity.

Muscle targeting and recovery

First up, every routine now shows “how much each muscle will be targeted.” As shown above, the brighter the green in the diagram, the more that muscle will be targeted. You will see the workout summary screen which muscle groups were targeted.

Beyond that, SmartGym helps you visualize your current muscle state based on your workout history and shows a muscle recovery time.

Routine tags and types of sets

For better organization, SmartGym 6 offers tags to quickly and easily label and find routines. For more customization, the update also brings the ability to precisely log what type of sets you’re performing like warm-up set, drop set, regular set, etc.

Personal Records, Screen sync, Family Sharing, and more

A few more great features include an option screen for Personal Records and an opt-in sync screen that allows the Apple Watch app to sync with your iPhone screen if you wish to do so simultaneously.

SmartGym Premium now offers a Family Sharing feature, as well as a monthly history view and Mission Control widget. This allows you to keep track of your progress and workout trends.

Check out SmartGym 6

SmartGym is a free download for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac from the App Store with in-app purchases for the Premium plan to unlock all of the app’s features.

Developer Matt Abras has also kindly shared codes for a full year of SmartGym Premium for 10 9to5Mac readers.

First come, first served. And if you grab one, please leave a comment noting which one you used .

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