Germany is able to transfer 50 BMP Marder to Ukraine

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 23.06.2022, 09:56
Germany is able to transfer 50 BMP Marder to Ukraine

German Social Democrats have long justified the slow pace of the transfer of heavy weapons to Ukraine, and one of the reasons is the lack of stocks. However Bild refutes this myth.

What is known

In early spring, Christine Lambrecht, the German defense minister, announced the exhaustion of the Bundeswehr's capabilities. In mid-spring, she also announced that supplies for supplies to Ukraine had run out.

Wherein Bild reports that the German government could send several dozen infantry fighting vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Marder. The Bundeswehr now has about 370 of these infantry fighting vehicles. Experts note that the German army requires 240 pieces of equipment, including 64 infantry fighting vehicles for exercises.

Thus, if Germany decides to additionally keep about 80 combat vehicles, it will still have about 50 free infantry fighting vehicles, which, in theory, could be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The government also confirmed that Marder, which cannot be called urgently needed

Whether Germany will send BMPs to Ukraine is hard to say. But it is already known that from next week our military Ukrainian troops will begin to master the German MLRS MARS II next week MARS II .

Source: Bild

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