Apple bought the music service Shazam

By: Pavel Chuikin | 12.12.2017, 09:06
Apple bought the music service Shazam

Last week, we wrote that Apple wants to buy Shazam . Now, the company itself confirmed the purchase of the music service. The same was done by representatives of Shazam.

Musical deal

Both companies have confirmed the contract and now Shazam becomes Apple. The official amount of the deal is not disclosed, but according to preliminary data, this purchase cost the guys from Cupertino 300 million pounds (400 million US dollars).


Others suffer, and Apple wins

Spotify, Google Play Music and iTunes Store pay Shazam money for redirecting found songs to their services. Only Apple's payment last year accounted for most of Shazam's revenue and 10% of all digital music sales. Now, Apple will not pay anyone money for advertising and quite can close the redirection of music to Spotify and Google Play Music or will take significantly more money from them. According to the source, Shazam translates to these services up to 1 million users a day, so they are unlikely to refuse such an advertisement.

Source: MacRumors