Apple wants to buy Shazam

Information about   The fact that Apple buys the application of Shazam, whose value is estimated in   $ 1   billion, for   $ 400   million

Apple wants to buy Shazam

Apple is going to buy a popular service for music recognition Shazam. About   This is reported by TechCrunch , referring to   their sources.

Question price

One of   sources of   nine, the other says that Shazam will cost Apple   300   million pounds sterling, and   this is about 401   million dollars. At the same time,   the latest estimates, Shazam costs $ 1.02   billion.

When they sign the agreement

It is expected that the agreement on   purchase will be signed today or tomorrow , and   official statement of   the transaction will follow in   Monday, December 11th. So far neither   at   Apple, neither   at   Shazam Entertainment Ltd, which owns the service, does not   comment on these rumors.

TO   word, the " soil " for the deal has long been prepared. Apple and   Shazam cooperate on   for several years. For example, the music found by the service can be downloaded from the   iTunes, also Shazam is integrated into   voice assistant Siri.