Samsung plans to sell 320 million smartphones in 2018

By: Bohdan Chub | 02.01.2018, 19:29
Samsung plans to sell 320 million smartphones in 2018

The smartphone market has stopped growing at a rapid pace, so Samsung decided to do without the Napoleonic plans for 2018. The company aimed at delivering 320 million devices, which corresponds to the figures of the past year. In particular, Analytics analysts predict sales of Galaxy smartphones at 319 million units in 2017.

Number is not the main thing

According to sources from the chain of suppliers, in addition to the already mentioned 320 million devices, Samsung is going to sell 40 million "dialers", 20 million tablets and 5 million wearable devices. Despite the expected reduction in market share, the Korean giant will retain the title of the largest manufacturer of smartphones. With current results, Apple and Huawei - about 200 and 150 million devices respectively - Samsung leadership is not threatened.

Experts add that Samsung will not increase sales of smartphones at any cost. The company's strategy is aimed at increasing the profitability of the business by selling more expensive models. Not surprisingly, the Galaxy A line of 2018 approached the company's flagships.

Source: The Investor