OnePlus confirmed the leakage of bank card data 40,000 customers

The Chinese manufacturer has informed about breaking of the Internet shop and the theft of data of 40000 buyers

OnePlus confirmed the leakage of bank card data 40,000 customers

A week ago on the forum OnePlus began to appear complaints of users on incomprehensible activity with their bank cards. It started after making purchases on the company's official website. And just the other day the manufacturer confirmed the leakage of data.

What happened

The company started an investigation and immediately closed all possible payments on the site. As it turned out, since November 2017 there was a special script in the system, which, after entering the payment cards, saved the password and information about their validity. This affected 40,000 users who first made purchases on the site. Transactions through the PayPal payment system were not attacked. The manufacturer asked the victims to contact their banks and report fraudulent actions. Also, OnePlus personally contacted each victim and as a token of apology gave a free annual subscription of monitoring cards, in the case of suspicious transactions.

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OnePlus has long worked to create an extensive network of client base for online sales. But this situation can hit the reputation of the Chinese company. Even despite the fact that a huge number of users positively spoke about the manufacturer at the forums for its honesty before the buyers. All this happened a few days before co-founder OnePlus Pete Lau (Pete Lau) boasted of record sales and profits in 2017 .

Source: AndroidAuthority