"AvtoTracking" Kyivstar will protect the car from theft

By: Bohdan Chub | 01.02.2018, 13:14
"AvtoTracking" Kyivstar will protect the car from theft

Kyivstar presented a "smart" alarm system, which allows you to track the location of the car in the application on your smartphone. The new product was called "Auto Tracking".

How it works?


The system includes two devices that can be used together or separately. "Autoinformer" is connected to the mains of the machine (OBD-II connector) and monitors its status in real time. The user will receive a notification when a blow is detected, the ignition is switched on, the movement starts and the alarm is disconnected. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS.

"Autobake" is a GPS-tracker that sends information about the location several times a day. The lighthouse is hidden in the car and works autonomously for up to four years, depending on the intensity of use (with the inclusion of "alarm" and "chase", data is transmitted more often, increasing energy consumption). Thanks to the "ping" mode, the device is not scanned.

"Auto Tracking" works in the coverage area of ​​Kyivstar on the territory of Ukraine. "Avtomak" can be activated in roaming (by itself, not for free).

How much does it cost?

Prices are indicated in the table below. The alarm elements are already equipped with SIM cards, and the subscription fee will be withdrawn from the number indicated at the registration.

"Autoinformer" «Autowire» "Autoinformer" + "Autowire"

Price of the device

1999 UAH

1999 UAH

3699 UAH

Monthly subscription fee

65 UAH

35 UAH

100 UAH

Cost of use in roaming

Does not work

60 UAH (5 pings package)


Detailed information on payment with insufficient funds on the account, as well as when traveling abroad can be found on the official website .

Why is it important?

"Auto Tracking" is designed to improve the disappointing statistics of hijackings. As reported in the company, for 11 months of 2017 in Ukraine 8231 thefts were fixed, but only a third of cars returned to the owners. And in 2016 only 23% of cases were disclosed.

And what are the competitors?

Lifeecell and Vodafone have only special tariff lines for "Internet of things", but the operators do not have a ready solution for motorists.