Apple will free repair the iPhone 7, which can not find the network

By: Elena Shcherban | 04.02.2018, 14:57
Apple will free repair the iPhone 7, which can not find the network

Apple started to repair the iPhone 7 for free, which is not   can find the signal of the mobile operator. AT   companies argue that with   such a problem faced "a small number of users. "

What happened

On   bug the owners of the " sevens " began to complain yet in   Last year. AT   At some point, the smartphone ceases to catch the signal, and   on   screen displays " No   The Service "(" No network ") or" Search ", although the connection to the   network is stable. AT   As a result, the device ceases to perform its main functions: it is impossible to call or send a message.

On   The official website of Apple has several recommendations for   this problem, but   nor   one of   options are not   helped. As it turned out, the problem in   motherboard, so in   service centers began to repair for free from the   building an iPhone 7.

Who in   risk zone

The problem appears in   devices released in   period from   autumn of 2016 to   today and   sold in   The United States, Hong Kong, Japan, China and   Macau. These are the following models:

  • China: Models A1660, A1780
  • Hong Kong: model A1660
  • Macau: Model A1660
  • USA: model A1660
  • Japan: model A1779.

For those who have already managed to repair the smartphone for   money, will reimburse all losses.

Recall, also the other day Apple began to sell the restored iPhone 7 and 7 Plus .

Source: The Verge