Apple started selling used iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - from $ 499

By: Elena Shcherban | 03.02.2018, 05:05
Apple started selling used iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - from $ 499

Apple began selling the restored iPhone past (more precisely, the year before) the generation   - 7 and   7 Plus with   prefix Refurbished. Buy them   with   discount   - true, not   so   and   cheap, as desired   would.

What is this   smartphones

Recovered iPhone   - it is in the former   use, but   Passed through the skillful hands of repairers of the device. AT   Apple is assured that they are conducting a full diagnosis, changing the case, battery and   other components. On   they are fully warranted, and   In addition, the buyer can purchase an extended warranty Apple Care. Pleasant bonus to   boo   smartphones   - New accessories.

Price list

Behind   recovered iPhone 7 with   32, 128 and   256 GB   Flash memory is requested for $ 499, $ 589 and   $ 679 respectively. Thus, you can save only 10%   - from   $ 50 to   $ 80 by   compared to   new gadgets. Such a   the same discount applies   on   iPhone 7 Plus with   32 GB   or 128 GB   built-in memory. Their   sell on   $ 599 and   $ 689, respectively, that   $ 70 - 80 is cheaper than the initial price tag. Versions on   256 GB   at   there is no sale.

How many threw off before

AT   Apple began to sell the restored models in   2016 year. " Pioneers " were the iPhone 6s, but   then the discount was much more pleasant   - more than $ 100.

While second-hand devices are sold only in   USA.

Source: GSMArena , Apple