New AI functions in the LG camera: Vision AI and Voice AI

Company LG talked about new functions in the camera using AI

New AI functions in the LG camera: Vision AI and Voice AI

LG will not show a new flagship at the MWC 2018 exhibition. Instead, the manufacturer must submit a version of the LG V30 with a "smart" camera . And today the company told about two new functions for the camera with the use of AI: Vision AI and Voice AI.

What is Vision AI?

Thanks to Vision AI, the camera will be able to analyze the picture and suggest a suitable shooting mode. For example: portrait, food, pets, landscape, city, flowers, sunrise and sunset. Also, Vision AI will take into account the viewing angle, color, reflection and lighting level. Another function will be useful when shopping. She will be able to search for products by image and QR code to offer the cheapest price for the product.


What is Voice AI

The second function of Voice AI is also related to camera capabilities. Thanks to her, there will be a lot of teams. For example, you can select panorama mode, low light mode, etc. with voice. Also, using Voice AI, you can ask to scan the QR code or find an object in the photo. LG is working on this feature with Google and all voice commands will work through Google Assistant.

Source: LGnewsroom