LG V30s with "smart" camera will be released almost simultaneously with the Galaxy S9

By: Bohdan Chub | 09.02.2018, 14:07
LG V30s with "smart" camera will be released almost simultaneously with the Galaxy S9

LG decided not to rush with the announcement of the new flagship, so instead of the successor to the G6 at the MWC 2018, the company will present an improved version of the V30 smartphone. According to Korean publications, the model will be released as LG V30s and almost immediately goes on sale in the home market.

What's new?


In terms of design, the LG V30s is completely identical to the original model. The amount of internal memory will increase to an impressive 256 GB, as in the premium version of the LG Signature Edition . But the main change will be the function of LG Lens. It uses artificial intelligence to recognize objects using a smartphone camera. Similarly, Google Lens and Bixby's rendering mode are used by Samsung.

LG Lens will allow you to recognize barcodes and QR codes, look for similar products in stores (if you take pictures, for example, sneakers or a book) and recognize the text in the photo. The application also has a built-in translator. Using GPS data, the LG V30s in the Augmented Reality mode will display information about the establishments to which the camera is currently aiming.

At one time LG G6 was the first smartphone not from Google with the voice assistant of the search giant. Judging by the description of LG Lens, the function may be just an adapted version of Google Lens.

When to expect?

The official announcement of LG V30s will take place at the World Mobile Congress in late February, and on March 9 the model will enter the Korean market. This will help at least somehow maintain sales, while competitors launch a new generation of flagships. By the way, the price will not be more than $ 920.

Meanwhile, Samsung plans to open pre-order for Galaxy S9 and S9 + in South Korea on March 1. On free sale in their homeland, the devices will appear on March 16.

Source: ETNews