The competitor to Slack - Hangouts Chat left the beta stage

Google released the final version of the Hangouts Chat app

The competitor to Slack - Hangouts Chat left the beta stage

A year ago, Google decided to share the Hangouts app on Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. The first one has been available for users for a long time, but the second one had to wait, because it just came out of the "beta" stage a few days ago.

What is known

Hangouts Chat is a messaging service for teams, similar to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Users can communicate in so-called "rooms", correspond with bots and exchange files. Like all Google services, the application is synchronized with "Drive", "Documents", "Tables" and "Slides". Of the features there is an AI function that helps you quickly find a file or book a conference room.


Back in Hangouts Chat, there is an @Drive bot that notifies the user about changing any document and the @Meet bot that will quickly help you schedule an appointment and synchronize it with the Calendar application. Popular companies such as Salesforce, Zenefits, Disco, ProsperWorks, Trello and Kayak have already created their bots for Hangouts Chat. Google also focuses on the security of the new application. In addition, the messenger supports 28 languages ​​and in each "room" can be up to 8000 participants.

When to expect

The application is already available on all platforms for users of the corporate package G Suit.

Source: Google