Instagram will add a portrait mode for "Stories"

By: Igor Nikitin | 06.03.2018, 13:43
Instagram will add a portrait mode for "Stories"

After Android users learned to "pick" the Android Application Package (APK), developers have become more difficult to hide information about future updates. For example, the popular social network Instagram for the second time in seven days has become a victim of inquiring minds.

What is known

14-year-old reader TechCrunch Ishan Agarwal decompiled the APK-file and looked through its contents. The guy found in the archive an icon called Portrait shutter, which is intended for the Instagram camera "Stories". It is assumed that in future updates there will be shooting functions in portrait mode with a blurry background.

Representatives of Instagram do not comment on this leak, as well as others. For example, in January, users found out that GIFs would be added to the Stories. Then representatives of the social network refused to give comments. Also last week the network got icons for video and voice calls to Instagram Direct.