Instagram will add the function of voice and video chat

By: Igor Nikitin | 02.03.2018, 12:17
Instagram will add the function of voice and video chat

For many, Instagram has become the main social network, where it is possible to see funny pictures and chat with friends. Just with the latter, the application is not doing well. Yes, it allows you to exchange messages, but the functionality of the messenger is still far away.

Nothing stands still

TechCrunch journalists again poked around in the Instagram update APK files and found entertaining images there. Developers store in APK files for future updates, which breaks the veil of secrets. The executable file found icons for video and voice calls in the "direct". This leads to the idea of ​​soon expanding the functions for communication in Instagram.

Bury Facebook and VK

Increasingly, people use Facebook only for working moments. For photos, videos and "memchikami" all go to Instagram, YouTube and Telegram. Even VK remember very rarely, especially in connection with a lock on the territory of Ukraine. Of course, Facebook and VK will not disappear from user radar, but may lose most of the audience.