Apple patents flexible batteries for future iPhones

By: Bohdan Chub | 02.04.2018, 19:41
Apple patents flexible batteries for future iPhones

The American Patent Bureau has published another pack of applications for Apple. For the most part, they talk about wireless charging of AirPower and related technology. In addition to one document, which describes flexible batteries.

What came up?

Apple's patent application specifies a variety of flexible battery options. A relatively simple solution is to break the battery into cylindrical sections so that it can be bent in one plane. Another version assumes the use of twisting cells in multilayer structures. Thanks to the air layer, when bending, the battery will not be damaged. And if you make cutouts along the entire cell, the two nearest ledges will be able to bend in different directions.

Why is this all?

If you believe the rumors, in 2020, Apple can introduce a folding iPhone, but such "clamshells" bend only in one place. To create fully flexible gadgets, it is necessary that the battery and most components can also withstand multiple bends. In addition, flexible batteries allow you to fill the space inside the smartphone enclosure to the maximum, to provide an additional hour or two of work on one charge.

Another question is whether Apple is really working on new elements of nutrition, or in Cupertino they decided to fix ideas for the future without any global plans.

Flexible batteries are already produced by Panasonic, but this is a small solution for portable electronics.

Source: USPTO