Analyst: Apple will release folding iPhone in 2020

By: Bohdan Chub | 23.03.2018, 20:45
Analyst: Apple will release folding iPhone in 2020

After spending a week in Asia and talking to Apple suppliers, an analyst at Merrill Lynch Investment Bank Vamsi Mohan came to the conclusion that in a few years the American company could release a bendable smartphone.


Apple already uses flexible screens - in the iPhone X, the edge of the OLED panel is bent inside the case to reduce the bottom frame (which the manufacturers of numerous dozens of clones could not repeat). But this display is fixed on a rigid basis.

Vassi Mohan believes that the folding device company will show only in 2020. The expert does not exclude that in the expanded form it will turn into a tablet, close to the iPad format.

Let's wait

On the eve of Qualcomm top manager Salman Said said in an interview with TechRadar that in the next couple of years we are unlikely to see mass smartphones with a bendable screen. While the reliability of the design of such devices raises questions. The weak point is the electrodes inside the OLED panels, which do not withstand repeated flexion and extension. So the output of Samsung Galaxy X is again postponed.

Source: CNBC