Instagram is no longer available on Apple Watch

FROM   The latest update removes the application to   smart watch Apple Watch. On   devices are only notifications from   the main application.

Instagram is no longer available on Apple Watch

The Instagram application is no longer   works for   smart watch Apple Watch . The latest Instagram update for iOS under the number 39.0 brings " general bug fixes and   improved productivity " , but   when it is secretly completely removes the application.

Why did it happen?

Most likely, this is due to   watchOS 1 SDK, which Instagram used. FROM   April, this version is considered obsolete, but in   Instagram, it seems, decided not to   switch to   SDK watchOS 2 or later, and   completely stop the application support for Apple Watch.

In this case, the smart clock will continue to show notifications from   the main application.

A   need   the Instagram watch?

The Instagram social network became one of the   the first applications for Apple Watch. But   from   Since then (2015), practically nothing in   not for me   changed: the application still requires   smartphone, because not   can use the wireless network or cellular modem of the watch itself. TO   the   on   hours there is no camera for Selfie, and   The screen is too small to be able to view the pictures.

Previously from   Apple Watch has already refused Twitter, Slack, eBay, Amazon and   Google Maps.

Source: The Verge