Chrome started blocking unwanted sounds on "high-profile" sites

By: Elena Shcherban | 04.05.2018, 22:14
Chrome started blocking unwanted sounds on "high-profile" sites

AT   Google Chrome with   update finally added the long-awaited function of blocking autoplaying clips. Google and   previously tried to " drown out " high-profile sites , and   now in   the companies reported: automatic locking works fully.

What was told

Surely every user has come across   sites, at the opening of which you hear loud unexpected sounds. This automatically includes those located on the   site videos, above searches and   the disconnection of which sometimes must be sweated.

AND   at   Google found that the tabs with   such annoying video users close in   for the first 6 seconds. The conclusion is one: from   they must be disposed of.

AT   January update to mute the sound   sites allow one by pressing the right mouse button,   now the browser itself will perform all the " dirty work " .

Who will be silent

Now, Chrome will analyze your actions and   turn off auto audio playback on   sites that you   earlier " muffled " themselves. Websites on   which you   watched and   listen videos will still be available.

For new users, the browser will provide more than a thousand sites,   which do not   received " complaints " , and   with   time system will analyze the preferences of newcomers.

In addition, new criteria are introduced for sites with   automatic playback. This list of requirements is so extensive that you can not   experience because of loud loud sounds.

Source: Google