Twitter promises to improve the quality of uploaded videos

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 26.09.2021, 16:01
Twitter promises to improve the quality of uploaded videos

Twitter claims that the new video uploads will look less pixelated and get better quality. Twitter's official support account said that the site has prepared an update that will fix the poor video quality on the platform. Most users thought this was a problem from the beginning.

Twitter told the source that it has removed the pre-processing step when uploading a video, which was the cause of the problem. This step was breaking up the clip you were trying to upload into smaller chunks for easier processing, which was reducing the quality of the video.

The company told the publication that the changes have yet to take effect in Twitter Media Studio, a tool that gives you access to all the media files you've ever uploaded. Additionally, while the improved video quality is expected to be available to everyone, it will only apply to new video uploads and will not retroactively apply to old ones.

Here is an example of a new upload with improved quality:

Some people say they notice virtually no difference from what they had before, others note less compression in fullscreen mode and faster adjustments when switching screen sizes. The quality still doesn't compare to HD videos posted on YouTube, but it looks decent enough. Twitter also made changes to the way JPEGs are uploaded in 2019 to prevent their quality from decreasing after posting.

Source: theverge