NASA's AR comic book aims to recruit a new wave of astronauts [video]

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 26.09.2021, 16:25
NASA's AR comic book aims to recruit a new wave of astronauts [video]

NASA clearly needs more astronauts to successfully run programs like Artemis, and it thinks it has a clever way of recruiting: tech-focused comics.

What's the comic about

The space agency has released an augmented reality graphic novel, First Woman, which tells the story of the fictional Callie Rodriguez, who becomes (who else?) the first woman to land on the moon. You can read the 40-page first issue as is, but NASA really wants you to download the accompanying mobile app or scan codes for a more interesting take on the environment and objects.

Point your phone at special "XR" codes (through the app) or QR codes (if you prefer web pages) and you can take a tour of the Orion spacecraft, the moon and other objects. You can play games, watch videos and earn badges.

Where to Read

You can also listen to the audio version (like the comic, only in English). The administration isn't shy about treating "First Woman" as a recruitment tool, but it's worth downloading even if you just want to instill in your kids an interest in space and science and maybe learn something about NASA's long-term plans .

Source: nasa