Samsung starts removing ads from embedded apps

By: Elena Shcherban | 02.10.2021, 10:40
Samsung starts removing ads from embedded apps

 In August, Samsungpromised that it would remove ads from its branded apps by the end of the year. And the company has delivered on that promise.

What does this mean?

In late August, the Samsung Weather app got rid of ads, and now "cleared" Samsung Health and Samsung Pay. This was confirmed by a moderator on the Samsung Community Forum:

"Note that the banner at the top of the Samsung Health app will not be displayed as of October 1"

One user also revealed that there are no more ads in the Samsung Pay app. The result notes faster load times and faster payments.

True, so far only users from South Korea have noticed the absence of ads. It will likely take some time for these changes to take effect in other countries.

Source: Tizenhelp, Samsung