Windows 11 is out - how to upgrade for free, without SMS or registration

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 05.10.2021, 12:52
Windows 11 is out - how to upgrade for free, without SMS or registration

The release of Windows 11 operating system could have gone unnoticed on the background of problems Facebook. Nevertheless, Microsoft, as promised, released a new version of the OS, and a few hours earlier than planned.

Starting from October 5 users can purchase PCs with preinstalled Windows 11 operating system. Owners of compatible devices can upgrade for free, but the process will drag on until the middle of next year.

Windows 11 system requirements

It is worth noting that the system requirements of the new OS version compared to Windows 10 have increased significantly. Now it is obligatory to have TPM 2.0 module. Microsoft promises support for computers based on Intel Coffee Lake and AMD Ryzen 2000 processors.

It is also worth mentioning 4 GB RAM, over 64 GB of free space on the drive and a graphics card with DirectX 12 support. It should be noted that Microsoft removed the page with the list of minimum system requirements. In its place redirects to the general page of the new operating system.

How to get Windows 11 for free and without waiting in line

There are several ways to get Windows 11. The first is to buy a new computer. The second is to upgrade via Windows Update. However, the updates will be sent out in stages, so you'll have to wait. By the way, you can check the compatibility by using the utility PC Health Check, which was re-released by Microsoft a few weeks ago.

The third and fastest way to get the Windows 11 operating system is download the ISO image from the official Microsoft website, where there are detailed instructions for installing the software.

Recall that the US manufacturer will allow users to manually install Windows 11 using an ISO file on incompatible PCs. However, Microsoft does not guarantee the compatibility of all drivers and stability of the operating system on such computers.