Microsoft believes in the success of Windows 11

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 07.10.2021, 12:21
Microsoft believes in the success of Windows 11

Microsoft has expressed confidence that its new operating system Windows 11 can become more popular than Windows 10.

But it will have to work hard for that, because the number of active Windows 10 computers, which will continue to be supported for another four years, exceeds 1.3 billion devices per month. By the way, Microsoft itself although confident that the new operating system will surpass the old one, the company is not ready to specify the timing.

At the same time experts argue that Windows 11, at least at the beginning of its life cycle, will not be able to boast of a high rate of distribution. The new operating system's expansion will be hindered primarily by a lack of components.

PC manufacturers have also reacted to the OS release. Xiaomi published a list of laptops that will be updated sooner or later, and Lenovo representatives believe that the user-friendly interface of Windows 11 will help attract more older users.

Source: CNBC