Amazfit GTR 3 and GTR 3 Pro - Zepp OS, AMOLED screens, water protection, SpO2 and up to 35 days of battery life from $180

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 11.10.2021, 21:04
Amazfit GTR 3 and GTR 3 Pro - Zepp OS, AMOLED screens, water protection, SpO2 and up to 35 days of battery life from $180

Amazfit has unveiled a pair of new third-generation GTR series smart watches. They came out one year after the GTR 2 family models were announced. The new products are called Amazfit GTR 3 and GTR 3 Pro.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Let's start with the older version. It is enclosed in an aluminum case and weighs only 32 grams. The front has a rounded glass. Users will be available in black (Infinity Black) and brown (Brown Leather) colors.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is equipped with a 1.45" AMOLED display with a density of 331 ppi and brightness up to 1000 nits. The panel occupies 70.6% of the front side. Over 150 dials are available to users with Always-on Display support. Some of the dials can be customised.

The watch runs the Zepp OS. The software supports third-party applications. The gadget can sync health data with Apple Health and Google Fit. Support with Relive, RunKeeper and Strava is also claimed.

Naturally, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro got a heart rate sensor that works in 24/7 mode, a sensor to determine blood oxygen saturation levels (in 15 seconds), and can also monitor the duration and quality of sleep. BioTracker 3.0 PPG sensors with 6PD from Zepp Health are responsible for accurate data acquisition.

The watch is equipped with a speaker and microphone, i.e. it allows you to answer phone calls. Battery life is 12 days in normal use. With GPS turned on, it will last for 35 hours. If you forget about the smart features, you can achieve a month of work without recharging. Also note the 2.3GB of memory, 150 sport modes and 5 ATM protection.

Amazfit GTR 3

The second novelty is also encased in an aluminum body, but has a 1.39" screen. The usable space is reduced to 66% and the dot density is unchanged at 331 pixels/inch. The watch is available in Thunder Black and Moonlight Grey colors.

Amazfit GTR 3 also got all the basic features that the older model has. Despite the more modest price tag, the model lasts longer - from 35 hours with GPS enabled to 35 days in power saving mode.


Both novelties will be available in Europe, but the first to buy them will be residents of China. The Amazfit 3 GTR is priced at €150, while the Pro version is priced at €200. Prices for the American market are about the same - $180 and $230 respectively.