MixBag Transformer Bag Review

By: Pavel Urusov | 18.10.2021, 14:56
MixBag Transformer Bag Review

The bag is one of the most important everyday accessories for any of us. Few people go to work empty-handed, most often we take a tablet, phone, wallet, documents, notepad, pen, tissues, headphones and other absolutely necessary items that need to be carried in something. And today we will talk about MixBag, which is suitable just for carrying such everyday essentials.

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Notes behind the scenes

The MixBag bag is made of dense sand-colored canvas. The color and quality of the material reminded me of expensive National Geographic photo bags.

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Of course, the main feature of the bag is that it is transformable. This means that the bag can easily be split into two halves when needed, each of which can be used independently, there are more than ten ways of carrying in total. Personally, I was most attracted to the half, which is a small clip-on bag that can be worn on a shoulder strap. (It's worth noting, though, that the included strap is a bit short and more suited to carrying the bag on your belt - yes, that option is also possible.) Both halves of the bag are about equal in capacity. Each is divided into two large internal compartments, and these compartments can hold an iPad or other 10-inch tablet. Inside each of them has a big interior pocket with zipper and lots of small pockets and flaps for small stuff like phone, wallet, pen, etc. I must say though, that I use a very compact wallet (basically a card holder with a money clip), especially thick wallets and shovel wallets may not fit into the pockets designed for them.

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In one half of the bag there is an elastic bottle holder that can hold a 0.5 liter plastic bottle. An external pocket also serves as a shelter for a rain jacket to protect the bag (and its contents) from the elements.

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. Besides, external pocket on one half of the bag can be divided in half by inner flap and in the formed half-secret compartment keep keys, in this case built in a carabiner on an elastic strap. Such configuration allows to open the doors without unfastening the keys from the carabiner. The creators of the bag offer several ways of carrying. For example, the smaller half (the one without the flap) can be carried on the belt, fastened by the belt, in a horizontal or vertical position.

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The bag can also be worn over the shoulder. Alas, I was not able to demonstrate it on myself - for me (at the height of almost 2m) the belt was too short - so I will use the picture from the official site.

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The bag, assembled, is best carried on the shoulder, thrown over it. It looks unusual, but in fact the wide shoulder strap provides excellent comfort, the bag does not put pressure on your back or shoulder.

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On the official site of the producer you can see photos of a manly biker (the bag's creator Alexey Korovin) who wears the bag that way. More precisely - carrying. By the way, the bag comes with a disc with video of travels Alexei. Look, it is quite interesting. Alas, I do not have a bike, but I tried to ride with MixBag on the bike - really comfortable and no fear that the bag is about to fly away.

In a nutshell

MixBag is an interesting and unusual bag. Unfortunately, it does not suit me personally (I carry a laptop), but for those who have a tablet as their biggest gadget, MixBag will come in handy. The undoubted pluses of MixBag include the possibility to transform (in fact, you buy two bags of different size instead of one) and convenient organization of pockets: one can feel that the creators have put a lot of thought into this everyday thing. In my opinion, the bag can be used not only for everyday city wear, but even for short trips to the countryside, as it allows you to take a compact camera, a bottle of water (or a small thermos) and other necessary things. 4 reasons to buy MixBag:

  • possibility of transformation (2 bags in one);
  • versatility with compact size;
  • surprisingly comfortable to carry on your shoulder;
  • rain protection included.

1 reason not to buy MixBag:

  • inconvenience of traditional shoulder strap carry.

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