Xiaomi Mix 4 Exploration space smartphone unveiled

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 25.10.2021, 16:57
Xiaomi Mix 4 Exploration space smartphone unveiled

Xiaomi has unveiled a new version of its flagship smartphone Mix 4. The novelty is dedicated to space and is called Xiaomi Mix 4 Exploration.

What's new?

The smartphone in technical terms is not different from the original model, which was introduced at the end of last summer. It features a Snapdragon 888+ processor, a 4,500mAh battery with 120-watt charging over the wire, a 108MP primary camera and a 20MP front-facing sub-screen.

Xiaomi Mix 4 Exploration is available exclusively in a gray body color. The smartphone will come in a large box. On it, you can see part of the planet Saturn with its ring system. In the background you can see Mimas, the 20th largest satellite of Saturn and at the same time the smallest round-shaped space body.

What buyers will get besides the smartphone itself is not yet known. Judging by the size of the box, we can hope for an extended package. There is also no information about prices yet. Recall, the original Xiaomi Mix 4 was released in the middle of August at a price of $770-970 depending on the modification.

Source: Gizmochina