Samsung showed details of One UI 4 in official video

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 27.10.2021, 15:32
Samsung showed details of One UI 4 in official video

Last week, Samsung released the third beta version of One UI 4.0 powered by Android 12, which brought with it a number of fixes and new features. As for the stable version, it should be released no later than December this year. Ahead of the release of the final One UI 4.0 based on Android 12, the company has released two teaser videos that reveal a number of details about the shell.

The first teaser shows the evolution of the interface, starting with One UI 2. At the same time, the manufacturer says that when developing the next version of the branded shell, it listens to user feedback and wishes in order to make it as clear and user-friendly as possible. He also focuses on the fact that the interface has become more personalized, there is an opportunity to more deeply customize the appearance of the shell, there are new widgets, updated the camera application and a dark mode for application icons.

In the second video, Samsung goes into more detail about the One UI 4 settings, as well as various tools related to photo processing and fast data sharing with Samsung laptops. The video focuses on the ecosystem, confirming the company's plans to offer a high level of compatibility and integration of various Samsung gadgets, including smartwatches.

Source: youtube