OPPO showed a smartphone with a telescopic camera

By: Maksim Panasovskiy | 07.12.2021, 16:07
OPPO showed a smartphone with a telescopic camera

OPPO has published a short video showing an as yet unannounced smartphone equipped with a telescopic camera.

What is known

The module works on the same principle as the old digital cameras. The smartphone is equipped with a telescopic lens that extends out of the body, which changes the focal length. Such a system makes it possible to adjust the optical zoom ratio. However, it is not entirely clear whether intermediate values ​​will be available.

Judging by the video, the smartphone will be able to recognize falls and hide the telescopic module. We saw this back in 2019, when devices equipped with retractable front cameras appeared on the market en masse. OPPO produced such models in the Reno series of the first and second generations.

Whether the company will find commercial use for this technology is hard to say. Some OPPO solutions ended up at the prototype stage. For example, sliding smartphone X 2021... On the other hand, OPPO was the first to showcase a camera with periscopic optics, and the technology is now used by all manufacturers.

A source: @oppo