19-year-old hacker hacked into 25 Tesla cars remotely

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 12.01.2022, 19:09
19-year-old hacker hacked into 25 Tesla cars remotely

19-year-old German hacker David Colombo was able to remotely hack 25 Tesla vehicles around the world. According to him, access to the functions of the car was obtained due to the fact that the owners used third-party services and API keys.

The hacker writes that he can remotely start an electric car without the knowledge of the driver, as well as open doors and windows. Colombo noted that he can determine the exact location of the vehicle. In an interview with Drive Tesla Canada, the teenager stressed that he plans to contact the owners of the hacked cars and help them patch the vulnerabilities.

Note that David Colombo himself tweeted about Tesla battery-powered cars being hacked. The company did not give any official comments on this matter.

A source: Bloomberg, Drive Tesla Canada, @david_colombo_