Indie developer will publish his new good game on torrents

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 11.05.2022, 19:26
Indie developer will publish his new good game on torrents

Please Fix the Road is a cute indie puzzle that is going to be released in the summer on the usual PC platforms. And not the usual ones either: the developer plans to independently publish the game on torrents right on the day of release.

Author of Please Fix The Roda Ariel Yurkowski said this in his Twitter: 

"The pirated version will be available in all versions from the release, but without further updates. No special tricks. At the beginning of the pirate song, the introduction is slightly changed, instead of a gear on the settings button is a pirate face, and the options menu is a request to buy the game. the best! "

In his comments, Yurkovsky explained his actions: 

"I would still spy on her, I won't blame anyone - I can't avoid what will happen. I hope that at least some people will appreciate such a gesture, so that maybe I'll get some publicity for it." 

The developer also adds that saving from the pirated version will even open up achievements on Steam or GOG if you decide to buy the game there. No data is collected: the author will not be able to find out whether you played "pirate" or not - unless you are a streamer, which shows the "tricks" of the official unlicensed version!

Please Fix the Road is a simple casual puzzle that "your mom will like". The task is simple - to repair the road. At each level you are given a different set of tools, including inserting, deleting, rotating, copying, resizing and moving cells. The game has a very nice appearance, support for controllers, more than 30 music tracks and pink lights. 

The release will take place in June this year on PC.