Amazon Luna streaming service arrived in Gaming Hub on Samsung smart TVs

By: Michael Korgs | 03.08.2022, 19:24
Amazon Luna streaming service arrived in Gaming Hub on Samsung smart TVs

Today, Amazon's game streaming service, Luna, is coming to Samsung's 2022 smart TVs and monitors. The Samsung Gaming Hub will include services such as Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia's GeForce Now. In late June, Samsung introduced the gaming hub with the Xbox TV app available exclusively on its 2022 smart TVs and monitors.

Samsung's introduction of Amazon Luna in its gaming hub means that Samsung now has access to every popular cloud game streaming service for its newest smart TVs and monitors. “With the addition of Amazon Luna, we provide over 1,000 games to play instantly on Samsung Smart TVs, making Samsung Gaming Hub the best destination to watch games," according to Mike Lucero, Samsung's director of product management for gaming.

Amazon launched its Android-based game console, Amazon Prime Video for Games (formerly known as Fire TV Game) in the US last month following a year-long invitation-only "early access" period. Unlike Stadia or GeForce Now, Amazon Luna members pay monthly for access to several collections of games (channels). There are several channels, each starting at $4.99 per month, with a changing variety of free games on the Prime Gaming channel.

The Samsung Gaming Hub version of Amazon Luna has more than 250 games, and it's also compatible with PCs, MACs, Chromebooks, Fire TVs and tablets, iOS and Android devices. Any Bluetooth controller or the original Luna Controller will work with Amazon Luna on Samsung Gaming Hub. Starting today in the Samsung Gaming Hub, Amazon Luna is accessible, allowing users to stream Luna games to their 2022 smart TVs or monitors via their profiles linked to the Samsung Gaming Hub.