The AFU will receive Ukrainian drones ACS-3, SKIF and UJ-22 Airborne

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 03.08.2022, 23:06
The AFU will receive Ukrainian drones ACS-3, SKIF and UJ-22 Airborne

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine plans to purchase ACS-3, SKIF and UJ-22 Airborne drones for the Armed Forces.

What we know

This was announced by Mykhailo Fedorov, head of the department. All three drones are produced by Ukrainian companies. They have already been presented to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

ACS-3 is Skyeton drone, which can stay in the air for 24 hours. Its maximum flight speed is 160 km/h and cruising speed is 120 km/h. The drone is capable of operating at an altitude of 3 km.

The drone can perform tasks in independent mode, moving along a planned route. There is also an option of direct control. In this mode of operation the range is 240 km. The ACS-3 is launched using a catapult and a parachute system is used for landing.

SKIF is a drone for aerial photography, field contour measurement, and mapping. It has a wingspan of 1.5 m and a takeoff weight of 3.8 kg. The UAV has a 61 MP camera that can take 9504 x 6336 pixels of photos and continuously record video at 30 FPS.

The manufacturer claims that SKIF lasts one and a half times longer than competitors and can fly twice as far on a single charge as similar drones from other companies. The UAV can withstand wind speeds of up to 14 m/s and operates in rain or snow if the air temperature is at least 0°C.

The UJ-22 Airborne is UKRJET's multi-purpose drone, which can perform missions at any time of day regardless of weather conditions. The manufacturer notes that the UAV is not afraid of enemy electronic warfare means.

The drone can reach speeds of up to 160 km/h. Cruising speed is 120 km/h. Maximum flight range of UJ-22 Airborne is 800 km. The maximum range with real-time data transfer is 100 km and flight altitude is 6 km.

Source: Mykhailo Fedorov

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