Photos and video of unannounced DJI Avata FPV drone published

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 10.08.2022, 14:39
Photos and video of unannounced DJI Avata FPV drone published

Real pictures and a video with the drone DJI Avata starring appeared in the network.

What we know

The drone has not yet been officially announced. DJI Avata will be the Chinese company's second FPV-quadcopter after DJI FPV, which was introduced last year.

Another DJI product can be seen in the video, which has yet to be launched. We are talking about FPV-headset. Its specifications have not yet been specified, but it is already seen that it will be more compact than DJI Goggles. Also note that the operator in the video controls the drone with the old controller.

The DJI Avata will get protection on the propellers, which will allow it to be used indoors. The drone will weigh about 500g, and the specifications should be the same as DJI Mini 3 Pro. Among the highlights there are speeds up to 16 m/s in S mode, flight time of 34 minutes or 47 minutes depending on the country, 48 MP camera and support for 4K ULTRA HD.

The price of DJI Avata has not yet been specified. The drone will be unveiled before the end of the summer. Recall, DJI FPV costs $1299, and the optional controller for operating the drone with hand movements costs $199. Goggles DJI V2 are included.

Source: DroneDJ

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