China uses drones to create rain in Sichuan province

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 30.08.2022, 15:04
China uses drones to create rain in Sichuan province

Sichuan meteorologists have decided to use drones to combat the drought.

Here's What We Know

The prolonged absence of rain in Sichuan Province has had a severe negative impact on industry. The drought suppressed electricity production, disrupting the supply chains of a number of companies, including the U.S. Tesla and Apple.

The meteorological department tried to solve the problems with the help of drones. On the morning of August 25, drones took to the skies in the north and southeast of the province. By today, August 29, the drones should cover an area of 6,000m2.

Drones are used to spray an ice-forming substance into clouds that contain some moisture. This substance can be, for example, silver iodide. Raindrops must collect around it, after which they gain mass and fall to the ground.

Note that this technology is not revolutionary for China. Previously, the authorities of the Republic used drones to water fields during droughts and to ensure clear skies during the Olympics.

Source: Bloomberg

Image: CGTN

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