SpaceX sued the Ukrainian company "Starlink" and wants to take away its name

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 23.11.2022, 17:25
SpaceX sued the Ukrainian company "Starlink" and wants to take away its name

SpaceX is dissatisfied with the fact that the company "Starlink" exists in Ukraine, so it sues it and the organization Ukrpatent.

Here's What We Know

Starlink LLC was registered in 2009. This was reported by the founder of the company Sergey Dulitsky. He claims that SpaceX lawyers contacted him before the full-scale invasion of Russia, when the company of Elon Musk has not yet launched a service of satellite Internet in Ukraine.

According to Starlink's founder, his company provides IT services under the StarLink brand. The trademark was registered in February 2011, while SpaceX announced the Starlink service in 2015.

The U.S. company began providing satellite Internet access in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. In April 2022, a subsidiary, Starlink Ukraine, appeared. SpaceX also obtained the rights to the SpaceX Starlink brand and plans to register the trademark Starlink by SpaceX.

Sergey Dulitsky said that the lawyers of the American company want the Ukrainian firm to give up the trademark, because "Starlink is a world famous brand". Starlink founder admits negotiations with SpaceX, if the company of Elon Musk agrees to compensate the financial losses that would follow after the renaming. The first court hearing will be held on December 8, 2022.