The artist was blocked in the art subreddit because his works looked like they were created by artificial intelligence

By: Dmitro Koval | 08.01.2023, 15:22
The artist was blocked in the art subreddit because his works looked like they were created by artificial intelligence

Works of art that were created by artificial intelligence continue to be a topic of controversy among the community of artists and designers. They believe that such works should be banned from image sharing services because, according to them, the owners did not make any effort to create them. Some of the photo stocks have indeed banned the use of such works, such as Getty Images. But sometimes criticism turns into hate and now a real artist is under the gun.

We are talking about the author Minh Anh Nguyen Hoang, who creates his works under the name Ben Moran. Recently he was blocked on the forum in subbredit r/Art after accusations of using works created with the help of artificial intelligence.

The work to which the accusers refer is called "A Muse in Warzone". It was published two weeks ago, but later deleted due to violation of the community's rules regarding "memes, artificial intelligence, filters or other low quality work". The author was permanently banned from publishing any work in the community. When he asked for an explanation from the moderators, he received the following response:

"I don't believe you. Even if you "drew" it yourself, it is so obviously created by artificial intelligence, it doesn't matter. If you're a really "serious" artist, you need to find another style because A) no one will believe you when you say it's not artificial intelligence, and B) artificial intelligence can do better in seconds what it might take you hours to do. Sorry, that's the way of the world," Moran was told.

In principle, you can understand why Moran's work aroused suspicion. The moons are very reminiscent of the Eye of Sauron from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films, and it's both a subject and a style common to much popular AI art - a busty anime lady against a painting that looks like a commercial for League of Legends. However, there are no usual traces of artificial intelligence in the work, such as "broken" fingers or other defects. Moreover, the author even has receipts, including Photoshop sketch files that were used to create the work.

With the advent of more advanced artificial intelligence last year, workers from many professions began to get nervous, as AI has already learned to draw pictures, write articles, translate texts, write code or invent stories. Of course, now it is hardly possible to use such works due to their low quality, but in the future who knows what can happen.

Source: PCGamer