Italy buys 36 VBA 8×8 armored amphibious vehicles

By: Myroslav Trinko | 12.01.2023, 13:44
Italy buys 36 VBA 8×8 armored amphibious vehicles

The Italian Ministry of Defense buys VBA armored vehicles from Iveco Defense Vehicles.

Here's What We Know

The information was shared by the manufacturing company. Totally Italian Army will buy 36 vehicles. They will be used by Marines of San Marino. The cost of the contract and delivery dates have not been disclosed yet.

For those who do not know

VBA is an armored amphibious vehicle with wheel configuration of 8 × 8. It is developed by Iveco Defense Vehicles (a division of Iveco Corporation). The vehicle is specially designed for amphibious maritime operations. The vehicle can land from a ship in the open ocean. It has excellent mobility and high level of ballistic and mine protection. The VBA is equipped with a 700 hp engine and automatic transmission. The vehicle can carry up to 12 infantrymen.

Source: Iveco Defense Vehicles,