Ajax Systems will protect graffiti by street artist Banksy in Kyiv region

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 22.02.2023, 18:48
Ajax Systems will protect graffiti by street artist Banksy in Kyiv region

Wireless security systems developer Ajax Systems will provide protection for legendary British artist Banksy's 2022 graffiti in Ukraine.

Here's What We Know

In late autumn 2022, graffiti was spotted in various locations in the Kiev region. Their author was believed to be Banksy. A few days later an anonymous British artist confirmed its authorship.

Ajax Systems implemented a solution to secure the street artist's work. The new security system has been installed on four of Banksy's graffiti in Borodyanka, Gorenka and Irpen. It will provide protection from vandalism and weather conditions.

The system consists of 20 sensors, the operation of which does not depend on constant power. The main (4 in total) control panel can be located in a separate room. The maximum communication transmission distance is 1.7 km. In the event of an alarm, the Sheriff security company will receive a notification within 0.15 seconds.

Motion and impact sensors record attempts to damage or approach an object. Then they turn on the street siren and send a notification to the security company through the security system central. Additional protection for graffiti is provided by transparent impact-resistant polycarbonate walls.

Ajax Systems also notes that a protective structure with LifeQuality has been installed at the site of the graffiti with the image of a judoka in Borodyanka. It is equipped with temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide sensors. The WallSwitch control relay will provide micro-climate support so that the graffiti does not deteriorate.

Source: @ikrussss