Apple wants to add Find My to the Apple Pencil

By: Elena Shcherban | 27.05.2023, 18:35
Apple wants to add Find My to the Apple Pencil

The Find My device-tracking app can now help locate almost any Apple gadget. And now this feature could be coming to the Apple Pencil as well.

Here's What We Know

Information about Find My in the Apple Pencil is described in a new Apple patent application that was published the other day. It says that the company wants to use acoustic resonators built into the design of the stylus body to implement the feature.

"In some examples, an electronic device can communicate a location request to the stylus and can cause the stylus to generate an acoustic signal for a specified target detector using the acoustic resonators", the patent application says.

Simply put, a synchronised iPhone can make the stylus vibrate to make it easier to find. However, the smartphone and the stylus must not be far from each other. For example, if you forget the Apple Pencil in a cafe or at work - you won't be able to find it from home.

Nevertheless, it's a fairly cheap way of finding the device without the need for bulky equipment. In any case, it's only a patent for now, and it's unclear whether Apple will bring its idea to life.

Source: 9to5mac